Redefining Shake with Vinyl Shake Siding

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Redefining Shake with Vinyl Shake Siding

It is a home siding fact. Most new homes that are springing up today have been employing vinyl siding. No more is the need for contemporary wood shakes to burst the budget seams. These modern vinyls have emerged perfectly emulating contemporary wood favorites, especially vinyl shake siding, even to the minutest detail.

That is if you can live with the loss of the subtler properties, like the natural aromatic scent of coniferous timber and the natural aging of wood. Aside from that, it is all redefining shake with vinyl shake siding.

Like those seen on Foundry™ Shakes at Amazing is the apt adjective for the vinyl shake siding found here. By splitting along the grain, you make the best cedar shake that can probably last a decade. Because this aspect is what makes cedar shakes desirable, Foundry™ Shakes vinyl shake siding exhibits this aspect if only by appearance. And its appearance, fool you it will. From the rich uneven grain to the unique indentations typical of a naturally hand split cedar, Foundry™ Shakes vinyl shake siding reveals all these. If you choose, you can even have those staggered shakes that truly makes your vinyl shake siding appear handcrafted.

Their secret? 100 dissimilar molds upon which designs are taken. That is saying only a very limited number of the materials you use will be identical.

Portsmouth Shake™, from Crane Performance Siding ( is another vinyl shake siding that redefines cedar shakes. Portsmouth Shake™ hardly differs visually from the ordinary shakes, even the grain and saw edges are perfectly mimicked. And because Crane Performance Siding is a stanch believer of performance, suffice to say this vinyl shake siding should outlast its peers.

Royal Building Product’s Colorscapes at exhibit color palettes that are beyond the normal limits of other building materials, and to a surprisingly gorgeous effect. Combining several technologies into the material, technologies like Luran® S ASA, BASF’s benchmarking engineered color fast thermoplastic, innovative Royalside™ Compound and Dura Technology™ Process, the resulting vinyl shake siding surpasses others in quality color and color steadfastness.

As more and more siding designs are allowed on modern day vinyl materials, the aesthetic appeal achievable by vinyl gets raised notches higher. And when compounded by the fact that vinyl siding is the easiest to install, the cheapest, and requires a minimal amount of maintenance afterwards makes its overall likeability simply too good to resist.

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